Faith Baptist Church of Cross Bridges, TN, Inc.
                                               3074 Hampshire Pike, Highway 412 W
                                                        Mt. Pleasant, TN  38474
                                                           Pastor Tommy Cagle

  Our church is handicapped accessible and our bathrooms
                    are handicapped accessible also.
We are a church with a live radio ministry on WMCP 1280 a.m. from 10:00-11:00.

Do you know where you will spend eternity when you die?  Salvation is simple.
A) Admit you are a sinner. 
B) Believe Christ died and arose as payment for our sins. 
C) Confess your sins to your Heavenly Father.  Ask Jesus to save you.

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                                         Pastor Tommy and Kaye Cagle
   Our Mission Projects                                              Services

Good Shepherd Children's Home                  Morning Service live on
P. O. Box 519                                                WMCP Radio 1280 AM
Murfreesboro, TN  37133                                  10:00-11:00
                                                               Sunday School 9:30-10:00
Phone: 615-896-1459

Project Nehemiah-Israel
P. O. Box 777
Hixon, TN 

                                                                                                     Phillipine Missionaries     
  Glen Ambrocio

   Manuel Ambrocio

    Nester Lumbugin                                

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